Mar 26, 2009

Non-Technical Resources about the Semantic Web

I've been posting information-rich coments on other people's blogs. Why not post them on my own blog too? The cut/paste from various places caused the various font crazies in this post. I guess HTML isn't as transportable between applications as I had hoped.
  • The primary source of info, more reliable than Wikipedia, about the Semantic Web (scroll down past the technical stuff)
    W3C Semantic Web
  • That page has lots and lots of links. Suggest you start with the FAQ
  • Recent interviews with Tim Berners-Lee.

I filtered for Cisco’s SP customers because I was posting a comment on a Cisco blog. Here are the 4 results when the W3C page is filtered by “telecom.” Select filters (right side) for IT, or multiple filters. Most use cases are for drug discovery because those are already very large and well annotated databases.

There are many, many special interest groups all over the place, ranging from very technical to almost fantasy-oriented. If you seek, you shall find!

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