May 12, 2010

Use Domain Names for Business and Personal Purposes

I own domain names mainly to promote my business. I have one domain name that is the 'primary,' as well as several others. These are the reasons why I have several domain names:
  • It's worthwhile to own domain names that relate to my business because if someone's search keywords are similar to keywords on my sites, they will still find my primary site. The purpose is to optimize my business web site's search rank, a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.
  • I own domain names that might be used against my business so that competitors cannot buy those names. For example, if my primary web site were "RevGen Group," I also bought the domain names "RevGen_sucks" and "I_hate_RevGen".
  • I bought several similar or related domain names such as "RevGen_Consulting" and "Web_Marketing_Strategy" for feeder-sites. These clumsy domain names are useful because they are keyword 'farms.' I put content there that are full of key words and phrases that relate to my business, as well as links to my primary site. In-bound links  improve the web site's SEO. These feeder sites increase traffic and improve my main web site's visibility in search results.
  • I redirect all traffic to my business blog to my primary domain name. The benefits of doing this are:
       1. My business blog has an easier to remember URL
       2. A text link on my primary web site to my blog helps visitors get to my blog
       3. I can manage my blog with a blogging applications without having to log into the ISP that hosts my primary web site.

Some families buy domain names for web sites with family news. The global Tseng family has such a web site! (It's in Chinese.) It has news, photos and a forum for members to interact.

Many people are very passionate about certain causes so they buy domain names for a web presence where they promote their causes. A very well-known one is

Still others buy domain names from Registrars who are also ISPs because they get a bundled deal where the ISP gives you free email forwarding with your domain name. For example, if I bought the domain "mariatseng" I could have mail addressed to '' forwarded to me.

Domain names are very inexpensive and can be very useful.

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